June, 2009

Carnivora announces breakthrough in marketing to Australia after many years of red-tape resistance.

August 31, 2010

Carnivora Research International (CRI) will donate a portion of every sale to Feed the Children, an international, nonprofit relief organization. Feed the Children delivers food, medicine, clothing and other necessities to individuals, children and families who lack these essentials due to famine, war, poverty or natural disaster.



November 23, 2010

We are pleased to announce that CRI has entered into a nationwide marketing arrangement with Coast-to-CoastAM Radio. The campaign will result in exposure in all 50 states simultaneously beginning mid-January, 2011. Celebrity spokesperson George Noury will be commenting personally on Carnivora as part of more than 28,500 radio spots heard “Coast to Coast” over a four-week period.

July, 2010

Carnivora Research International announces the launching of its “Pet Divison” during the latter half of 2012. The company will feature Carnivora products specially formulated for animals. “Since 2001, Carnivora has been used successfully for animals of all species” states Owner / CEO Richard Ostrow.

August 2011

The company engages physician and inventor Dr. Joe Schneller to conduct US-based clinical study with respect to Carnivora’s multi-faceted effects on the Immune System. Dr. Schneller: “The efficacy that we’re looking for – that we’re going to prove is that just 3 capsules of Carnivora wake up your immune system, and make it dominant!”

August 2011

Carnivora Research International announces unconditional FDA approval in Greece. Owner / CEO Richard Ostrow: “I’m proud to know that certain three-lettered organizations actually support the work we do. This is cause for celebration… This single event will be the legal gateway to all of Europe and its neighbors. This is going to have profound meaning to many people in that region of the world.


Bravo to … the FDA! (did I just say that?)

September 2011

CRI enters into four month national radio campaign with George Noory and Coast-to-Coast AM radio as a result of the successful campaign in January and February of this year. Airing will begin in mid-September voiced by none other than George Noory.

December 2011

CRI inks one-year contract with Coast-to-Coast AM Radio commencing in January, 2012 for 50-state exposure.

February 2012
CRI enters into national / international radio exposure with the Jeff Rense organization. Mr. Rense has been very instrumental in bringing truth to the American radio afficionado in an era where the financial agenda far outweighs the importance of safety and our right to choose what we put in our bodies to stay and get healthy.

March 2012
The company eyes China following CEO Richard Ostrow’s visit to Bejing where he met with Chinese officials.

March 2012
Carnivora Research International is proud to announce its affiliation with Ty Bollinger for representation of Carnivora products. Ty is the best selling author of the book “Cancer: Step Outside the Box”, among several others and has appeared on National Television (Carol Alt) recently. Mr. Bollinger authors “The Cancer Truth Chronicles” bringing the TRUTH to an industry that operates for money. If you want a heavy dose of the Truth, listen to Ty. His own family uses Carnivora on a daily basis.

May 2012
CRI inks contract for national radio exposure on the proverbial Alex Jones show. Those of you who know Alex are subjected to high impact doses of “whistleblowing truth.”

Step right up and get a rare commodity in America today: THE TRUTH.

June 2012
CRI enters into arrangement with the Michael Savage radio show. Mr. Savage continues to fight for and is a long-time champion of all good people everywhere.

June 2012
CRI inks contract for radio exposure with Laura Ingraham. Ingraham is an author of several books, has appeared on the Colbert Report, worked as a speechwriter in the Reagan administration and is best known as a controversial political commentator.

September 2012
CRI enters into National Radio exposure with Dr. Laura Schlesinger, author of several self-help books and nationally syndicated radio host for the past 16 years. She has recently become affiliated with Sirius XM for a multi-year deal.

November 2012
CRI enters into Nationally Syndicated Radio exposure with Dr. Bob Martin. Dr. Martin believes that information and education are the keys to good health, and takes every opportunity to share his knowledge… through radio health talk programs throughout the US & Canada. Dr. Martin holds science certification from the University of South Dakota School of Medicine, as well as board certification in Anti-Aging Medicine through the Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A.B.A.A.H.P.). He is double board certified as a Clinical Nutritionist (C.C.N.) through both the International and American Associations of Clinical Nutritionists and as a Diplomate of the American Clinical Board of Nutrition (D.A.C.B.N.).

Additionally Dr. Martin is a board certified Chiropractic Physician and Physiotherapist. He is certified in Applied Kinesiology and has training in the fields of medicine, acupuncture, herbology, sports medicine and exercise physiology.

The Dr. Bob Martin Show is available nationwide through Cumulus Media with over 400 cities airing his show. “You can be your own doctor most of the time, and I’ll tell you how.” The show focuses on giving listeners health information that will encourage the motivation, confidence and conviction that they need to heal their own bodies of many ailments.

June 2013
Carnivora Research International doubles its volume of business “literally overnight” after announcement by famous author and Pastor Lindsey Williams’ public statement that “Carnivora saved my life. I’m 77 years of age, and I feel like I did when I was in my 50′s and 60′s…”

June 2013
CRI officially announces the launching of its “Pet Division” which is slated to make its debut in 2014. Owner Richard Ostrow: “We’re very excited to finally get an opportunity to help Pets of all species in the manner they so deserve! We’ve been using Carnivora for Pets in many countries, including the US in far too sparing a manner. It’s time to give our Pets equal footing, and that’s exactly what we intend to do.”

June 2013
Swanson Health Products announces the inclusion of Carnivora in its vast line of products through its famous catalog. SHP was rated America’s #1 Rated Catalog / Internet Merchant Based on Customer Satisfaction.

March 2014
Carnivora Research International Sponsors the ASPCA.

March 2014
CRI opens up Distribution operations in Australia.

March 2014
Although a plethora of Clinical Studies were completed in Europe more than 25 years ago, they are prohibited from exposure in the United States as a result of unprecedented control from the usual suspects. US based studies are underway that will not mention the names of “diseases,” but will focus on the mechanisms of action against pathogens and the multitude of effects Carnivora has on “Waking Up” the Immune System in the human body, and that of animals.

March 2014
CRI opens Distribution operations in Singapore.

March 2014
CRI officially Sponsors “The Sacred Fire of Liberty Gala Celebration” in celebration of Emord & Associates 20th Anniversary. This wonderful event is hosted by none other than Jonathan Emord, affectionately known as the most influential attorney vowing to preserve the Constitution under attack in the United States. Mr. Emord has been repeatedly successful in keeping the FDA and other violators of the Constitution at bay for many years.

Keep up the wonderful work Mr. Emord!

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